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tooth whitening

Teeth Whitening

Why are my teeth discoloured?


There are many reason why our teeth discolour -  drinking too much tea, coffee or red wine, smoking and even some strongly coloured foods can stain and discolour our teeth. There are many 'whitening toothpastes' available which may help remove stains caused by food and drink, but they won't change the actual colour of your teeth.

Like the colour of our hair or eyes, our teeth colour is determined by our DNA. As we get older, the dentine, the substance below the enamel, changes colour, becoming more yellow.

How does the Whitening work?


We’ll take impressions of your teeth so our lab can produce a set of whitening trays. We’ll fit these for you and show you how to use the whitening gel overnight for the best results.


After that, you’re in control – simply use the whitening trays until your teeth are as white as you’d like them to be.


We can also whiten single teeth in our surgery, using internal bleaching techniques.


From £ 395

Is it right for you?


To discuss if Teeth Whitening is right for you, please
Email or click here for more information or
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Brighten your smile!

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